1. What is the difference between Nigori Sake and Refined Sake?
    Sake is brewed using rice and water, made from the moromi (fermenting rice solids) produced during the fermentation process of malted rice.
    Refined sake is made by pressing the moromi using a cotton bag to filter and remove the solid content, or sake lees, for sake that is completely clear and serene.
    Nigori Sake is sake that remains unfiltered, resulting in unfermented rice solids deliberately left floating around inside. A sweeter smooth flavoring produced by these remnants therefore adds to the taste of the sake.
  2. What is the difference between MoMo Nigori Sake and other Nigori Sakes?
    MoMo uses orginal style sake as its base.  Therefore, the sweet yet acidic flavoring from rice is characterized for having a very natural and mellow quality, and the sake is comparably low in alcohol content.
    This rich and smooth flavor cannot be found in Nigori Sakes that use refined sake as its base, and is what distinguishes MoMo from other sakes.
  3. When does MoMo Nigori Sake expire and what is the best preservation method?
    MoMo’s delicate flavors and qualities are sensitive to UV rays so make sure to keep it away from direct sunlight or fluorescent light.
    Temperatures above 68F(18℃) for prolonged periods may also have adverse affects on its smell and taste.
    A cool, dark storage area is ideal for preserving MoMo’s delicious taste.
  4. What is the white sediment at the bottom of the bottle?  Is it ok to drink?
    The white layer is formed by the remnants of rice, and contains nutrients that are vital for the health and beauty of your body, such as fiber and amino acids.
    The naturally sweet and flavorful rice remnants also add to the taste and quality of the sake.
    Therefore, to enjoy MoMo to its full potential, it is important to thoroughly shake or stir the bottle before pouring so that the sediments are mixed in with each sip.
  5. Unlike other Nigori Sakes which are usually white, why is MoMo Nigori Sake pink?
    MoMo’s distinctive pink color is a natural color produced by a special yeast.
    This all-natural, delicate, and cute coloring is another one of MoMo’s unique appeals.
  6. Once the bottle is opened, does the pink color disappear?
    Even after the bottle is opened, as long as it isn’t exposed to strong UV rays, MoMo’s pink color can be preserved.
    However, because no synthetic preservatives are used, once opened, the overall flavor and aroma will spoil at a faster rate.
    Therefore, after opening the bottle, it is best to keep it refrigerated and finish it as soon as possible.
  7. Does the pink color ever disappear?  In how long?
    Because the pink coloring is naturally produced, the pigments will dissolve and color will be lost (turn white) from prolonged exposure to strong UV rays.
    As long as MoMo is kept out of direct sunlight, the color will remain preserved for an extended period. 
  8. What is the best way to drink MoMo Nigori Sake?
    It can be enjoyed both chilled, or on the rocks.
    Find out original recipes for cocktails that make use of MoMo’s exceptional qualities and flavors
    Highly recommended is the Simple MoMo Mix, MoMo Nigori Sake mixed with fruit juice at a 1 to 1 ratio.  Squeeze drops of 100% Lime Juice for a touch of zest and a refreshing, crisp finish.
    MoMo’s catchphrase is “Discover Something Delicious!”
    Let your imagination take over and have fun inventing your very personal MoMo creations!